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Since 2002, L-Mesitran has been pioneering wound care products based on Medical Grade Honey. We aspire to deliver high quality products for fast and efficient wound healing.

Our founder Dr. Theo Postmes developed an ointment based on medical grade honey supplied with antioxidants to boost the effect of the honey.

The products are CE approved for the European market, FDA approved for the market in the USA and further they are approved in over fifty countries worldwide with differentiated registrations.

L-Mesitran Products

Medical Grade Honey

Medical Grade Honey follows a rigorous process to ensure quality, safety and effectiveness. The honey is collected under an organic environment and is sterilized using gamma radiation to kill endospores and other microorganisms.

Honey used for medical purposes needs to be pollutants and toxic substance free. Toxic substances such as herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals and microorganisms must be eliminated before honey can be used for medical purposes.

Honey from supermarkets is often sterilized with heat which inactivates the medicinal properties of the enzymes and similarly, honey from the beekeeper may not be extensively tested to ensure that it is contamination free.

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Medical Grade Honey prevents surgical site infections in horses!

In this study, 108 horses were randomly assigned to control or treatment (MGH) group. Gustafsson and her colleagues reported that a single application of L-Mesitran Soft in the incision strongly reduced the incisional infection rate from 32.5% (13/40) in the control group to 8.2% (4/49) in the treatment group. No adverse reactions were observed from the use of the MGH-based gel.


L-Mesitran Tulle

It is a hydro-active antibacterial synthetic sheet with L-Mesitran Soft. It does not adhere to the wound. It is indicated for wounds with none to moderate exudates. It needs to be covered with absorbent dressing, fixated with regular adhesive gauzes.

L-Mesitran Net

It is a hydro-active antibacterial wound contact layer with 20% medical grade honey, polymers and water. Indicated for wounds with moderate to heavy exudates. It should be covered with absorbent dressings or compressed and fixated with regular adhesive gauzes.

L-Mesitran Border

It is a hydro-active antibacterial dressing with 30% medical grade honey, polymers, water and an adhesive border. It is indicated for superficial wounds. It is self-adhesive, showering or swimming is possible. It
should be replaced the dressing
after 3-5 days.

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