What is L-Mesitran?

L-Mesitran is a Medical Grade Honey-based wound healing product. It treats a variety of wounds from minor cuts to large infected wounds.

Medical Grade Honey follows a rigorous process to ensure quality, safety and effectiveness. The honey is collected under an organic environment and is sterilized using gamma radiation to kill endospores and other microorganisms.

MGH (Medical Grade Honey) has been found to possess several positive properties over the years, which makes it a promising alternative for wound care. These properties are:

L-Mesitran Products

When comparing the healing time, cost, and resources involved, it is evident that our products offer exceptional value.

Honey stimulates natural processes to cleanse the wound and reduce unpleasant odor.

Honey has proven wound healing properties.

Bacteria are unable to reproduce or survive due to various processes, such as osmosis.

Honey has a natural ability to reduce irritation, redness, and swelling.

Every day, we perform research and studies to discover more benefits.

Medical Grade Honey Case Studies

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L-Mesitran proves to be the best Medical Grade Honey product to get rid of biofilms in wounds. This was published in the journal Antibiotics. The study at the University of Ghent shows that six different commercially available MGH-based wound care products are effective to prevent and remove biofilms.

L-Mesitran Soft demonstrates significantly stronger activity than the other products, because of its added components. The clinical efficacy of L-Mesitran Soft has also been supported in clinical cases of persistent biofilms without the need of using antibiotics.


L-Mesitran Tulle

It is a hydro-active antibacterial synthetic sheet with L-Mesitran Soft. It does not adhere to the wound. It is indicated for wounds with none to moderate exudates. It needs to be covered with absorbent dressing, fixated with regular adhesive gauzes.

L-Mesitran Soft

This wound gel contains 40% medical grade honey, medical grade hypoallergenic lanolin, propylene glycol, PEG 4000 and vitamin C& E. It is specially designed with sensitive patients in mind. L-Mesitran Soft is suitable for the treatment of burns, but also chronic, oncological and acute wounds like abrasions and cuts. The Soft is easy to apply and will not adhere to the wound.

L-Mesitran Border

It is a hydro-active antibacterial dressing with 30% medical grade honey, polymers, water and an adhesive border. It is indicated for superficial wounds. It is self-adhesive, showering or swimming is possible. It
should be replaced the dressing
after 3-5 days.

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