L-Mesitran - More than honey!

In 2002, we were the first company to obtain CE certification and FDA approval for our Medical Grade Honey: L-Mesitran. Then and now, we aspire to deliver high quality products to ensure fast and efficient wound healing. We are more than just honey. We researched honey and the ways to improve this natural ingredient. As a result, we supplement our Medical Grade Honey with e.g. vitamins to be even more efficacious.

L-Mesitran products are versatile. They are extremely effective in both human and veterinary medicine. It does not only cure complex wounds, but it also removes biofilms from infected wounds which makes healing faster and efficient. L-Mesitran products can be used as an alternative or complementary therapy for antibiotics to treat and prevent local infections, including those with multi-resistant pathogens while reducing problems of antibiotic resistance. We are available in over 60 countries worldwide.

L-Mesitran Worldwide

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