Successful treatment with L-Mesitran - burn injuries in a paediatric patient

Product: L-Mesitran Soft

Case study done by: Sister Jenny, Circle Pharmacy in Cape Town, South Africa


Burn injuries can be traumatic, especially when they affect young children. When it comes to treating burn injuries in paediatric patients, a variety of approaches can be considered. However, the use of L-Mesitran, as demonstrated in this case study, is proven to be a safe and effective option. The case study describes the treatment of a 2-year-old child who suffered burns to the scalp and face.

The boy was brought to the clinic with a large burn covering parts of his scalp and face. The wound was a result of an unfortunate accident where he pulled a kettle of hot water on himself. Due to the wound’s severity, the patient’s parents sought additional help. Two days after the accident, they reached out to a clinic.

Successful Treatment with L-Mesitran on burn injuries from a paediatric patient

Treating burn injuries

The initial assessment showed the severity of the wound and the damage to the face. Pieces of skin that had been damaged were apparent, along with a pus charge. This area was treated with L-Mesitran Soft.

Burnshield was used on the scalp as the examination of the burns did not reveal their severity. However, on the third day of the treatment, the patient’s scalp condition revealed burn damage.

Scalp area did not show sufficient improvement after administering oral antibiotics (Amoxil) and dressing the most damaged area with Silbecor. 

L-Mesitran products were supplied the following day and were applied to the patient’s scalp as well. Noticing the treatment results, it has been decided to use L-Mesitran on all burnt areas. 

After around two weeks from the accident, both face and scalp burns healed completely.

Treatment with L-Mesitran

L-Mesitran Soft is a safe and effective treatment for burn injuries in paediatric patients. It has the following benefits:

  • No negative side effects, such as itching and pain, are visible.
  • Easy to apply with neonatal and paediatric patients.
  • The application of L-Mesitran covers the wound and prevents invading pathogens and infection.
  • L-Mesitran keeps the wounds moisturized, which together with multiple other mechanisms results in enhanced wound healing.
  • L-Mesitran has antimicrobial activity is ensured by multiple mechanisms: the low pH, strong osmotic action, production of hydrogen peroxide, and the presence of antibacterial molecules.

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In conclusion, L-Mesitran Soft is a safe, easy to apply, and cost-effective treatment for burn injuries in paediatric patients. L-Mesitran therapy can be recommended as the first line of treatment and should be considered to treat a variety of wounds. The successful treatment of this patient highlights the effectiveness of L-Mesitran Soft and its potential to revolutionise wound care in paediatric patients.