Case Study: Car Accident Injuries

A 70 year old female was knocked down and run over by a car in a town in South Africa. Most of the open injuries she sustained were to the head from being knocked about by the under-carriage of the vehicle. She also had severe bruises on her shoulders, chest, buttocks, knees and ankles.

The patient received initial treatment from her doctor at the local hospital which mainly entailed x-rays for internal bone damage (there was none) and suturing of the wounds. Post-op wound care was done by the patient herself, aided by her daughter.

The choice of honey ointment was based on the previous positive experiences treating lesions and stab wounds with little to no scarring. The patient uses homeopathic medicines such as Arnica, Ledum, Rhus tox and Symphytum and follows a healthy vegetarian diet. Her doctor was not involved in any further treatment apart from the removal of the sutures. The patient does not use any prescribed medications. Warm water and Sunlight Soap were used to massage the bruised and swollen knees and ankles.

The wounds were treated daily. The wounds were first cleaned with warm water and then dressed. The ointment was applied on the wounds. It was covered with gauze swabs and micro-pore tape initially. On the second day, the micropore tape was replaced by an adhesive film dressing to create and improve the moist wound healing. The left ear was torn open to the upper front and half of the back which was sutured. The head wound already showed necrotic tissue after 2 days of injury. Within 10 days, the head and ear wound were free from necrosis and almost completely healed. The hand injury had a similar result.

The wounds healed without any adverse effects within two to three weeks. Remarkably there was little to no scarring.