Case Study:
Pressure sore in a coma patient treated with L-Mesitran

A coma patient was in for 3 months; , and developed a pressure sore in the coccyx area, despite the use of special anti-pressure sore mattresses. The wound was extremely wet and malodorous. The size of the wound was +20x20cm and 3 cm in depth.

At the start, the wound was extremely wet, malodorous, and sloughy with necrotic tissue. The wound was first cleaned with saline. The ointment was applied after and covered with a calcium alginate and then fixated with a regular gauze. This was done daily.

The fast debridement and malodour removal can be attributed to the autolytic debridement activity of the L-Mesitran Ointment. Especially, since the patient developed an infected wound despite the fact that he was administered systemic antibiotics from the admittance to the ICU as part of the standard hospital protocol. The ointment was able to heal the very large infected pressure sore on the coccyx area in approximately 5 months without any adverse effects.

L-Mesitran Ointment is effective in treating the pressure sore.

After roughly 10 days of this treatment with L-Mesitran Ointment, there was no more malodour, the slough was almost cleared and the necrosis disappeared as well. A fortnight later, the calcium-alginate was temporarily replaced by a collagen dressing. The combination worked well and granulation was observed. The wound edges were firm and there was no sign of maceration.

Throughout the treatment with the L-Mesitran Ointment, the wound closed nicely, filling the complete wound bed in approximately 5 months during which the patient was still in coma at the 424th General Military Hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece. At the end of the treatment, some hypertrophic scarring was noticed.

At the beginning of the treatment almost one 50g tube of L-Mesitran Ointment was used per day, which was reduced as the wound started granulating and epithelialising. The dressing changes were easy to apply by the nurses and no adherence to the wound bed was observed.