Case Study: Dementia patient suffers from huge pressure sore

A 96 year old female with dementia who went through CVA has a reasonable health. She is a nursing home resident who has been using pain relievers, sleep medication and blood thinners for her health reasons.

The wound on her right heel is a pressure sore caused by repetitive movements due to her dementia. Based on previous experience, the treatment started directly with L-Mesitran Ointment. The ointment was applied to the wound in combination with a silicone dressing. A barrier film was used around the wound edges.

On the first day, a manual debridement was performed. The Ointment was successful to remove the last patches of necrosis in a few days. After three weeks, granulation tissue started to form on the wound and after five weeks, the last bit of yellow slough disappeared. 

The size of the wound decreased by 50% after 7 weeks. The healing progressed very well and after 17 weeks, the wound was completely closed. This was a remarkable result given the age of the patient (96) and her physical condition (dementia & stroke).

Due to old age of the patient, the wound healing of the pressure ulcer on her right heel was a challenge. It was expected that it would take a long time to heal, however, in practice, the healing turned out to be relatively quick: 17 weeks. The wound healing was without any side effects and there was no adherence of the gauze dressings to the wound.