Case Study: Diabetic Leg Ulcer

A female patient, 57 years, with an overall bad general health condition. Since the age of 12, she has been suffering from diabetes. She also has Addison’s disease and coronary/vascular/thyroid issues. She underwent a coronary bypass after a potential myocardial infarction a year before the wound treatment..

After a general sepsis was observed, she was admitted to the ICU with a deep venous catheter and an intensive antibiotics and inotropica regime was applied.  Several days later being admitted to the ICU, a blister formed on her leg where the vein was taken for the bypass. 

Oxygen water and povidone iodine treatment were tried during one week before the start with L-Mesitran Soft. The wound was first cleaned with saline. L-Mesitran Soft was applied in a thin layer. This was done by the home care nurse under supervision of the GP.

In the course of six weeks, roughly 150g of L-Mesitran Soft was used and the wound healed without virtually any scarring. No adverse effects or pain were reported. The last picture was taken  roughly six months after complete healing which shows the absence of scarring.