Case Study: Traumatic Wounds with L-Mesitran

A 72 years old obese patient had 2 traumatic wounds on her lower right leg. The traumatic wounds had been already present for 4 weeks prior to visiting the home care nurse. Despite being a Type 2 Diabetic receiving diuretics and displaying slight varices, she was in general good health. 

L-Mesitran treats traumatic wounds in diabetic patient.

The lateral wound was 2cm x 1cm and the tibial wound was 0.5 x 0.5 cm. At first, the wounds were treated with hydrocolloids because the patient was treated successfully with these products 3 years ago. The first week of the treatment, the nurse followed the prescribed therapy by the dermatologist which had little to no effect.

Later, they switched to L-Mesitran Soft. The Soft was applied as a thin layer on the wounds and covered with regular gauze and fixated with a hypoallergenic dressing. The wounds were treated daily with L-Mesitran Soft. The wounds debrided quickly and granulation was seen swiftly. The patient did not report pain or discomfort during the treatment. The wounds healed completely after 56 days of treatment with L-Mesitran Soft.