Case Study: Welsh Pony's Bite Wounds

The 6 year old Welsh Pony Mira (mare) was attacked  by a stallion resulting in  big wounds in the neck and on the leg. The day after the attack, the veterinarian was no longer able to suture the wounds. A painkiller, vedaprofen (Quadrisol) and trimethoprim-sulphonamide (TMPS) powder antibiotics were prescribed. The next day, the wounds were filled with pus and exudate, which were removed via an incision. For the following 4 days, the wounds were cleansed with tap water and a wound spray was applied (Acederm). From the 5th day, post-trauma colloidal silverwater was used, which cleaned the wounds, but made them too dry.

The veterinarian decided to start treatment with L-Mesitran Soft after 19 days of trauma.  When the treatment with L-Mesitran Soft started, the wounds were cleansed once a day and the Soft was applied twice a day. The wound was not covered with dressings. The Soft gel was not painful to the mare. After 10 days into the L-Mesitran treatment, she was able to move her neck to the ground again. 

When the wound on the left side of the neck was measured after 10 days, it was approximately 125cm² and the wound on the right was  ~35cm² and ~2cm deep at the top. The muscle layer and the mane were separated. The wound bed was clean and granulating.  The wound on the right healed completely in seven and a half weeks and  the big wound on the left, in 9 weeks. No infections or any adverse effects were observed.