L-Mesitran for Minor Injuries

A young boy (15 years old) had an abrasion wound on his right thumb. The boy was in good health. Prior to L-Mesitran Soft, the wound was treated with povidone iodine. However, the wound did not heal well, because the povidone iodine apparently caused a dirty crust to form on the wound. 

In this wound, the objective was to create a moist healing environment to debride the wound and promote a good wound bed that facilitates granulation. The choice could have been made for a hydrogel, but the nurse made a choice to use L-Mesitran Soft.

The small wound (1.5cm x 0.75 cm) was cleansed with saline. The  L-Mesitran Soft was applied directly on the wound dressed with a regular gauze. The dressings were changed regularly until the wound was fully healed. The wound healed completely within 1 week.