Medical Grade Honey Prevents Surgical Site Infections in Horses

Dr Kajsa Gustafsson and her colleagues at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, reported their findings recently in the “Equine Veterinary Journal”. In their scientific study, they found that medical grade honey gel (L-Mesitran), applied on the the location of the colic surgery before stitching, decreases the prevalence of incisional infections in horses.

In this study, 108 horses were randomly assigned to control or treatment (MGH) group. Gustafsson and her colleagues reported that a single application of L-Mesitran Soft in the incision strongly reduced the incisional infection rate from 32.5% (13/40) in the control group to 8.2% (4/49) in the treatment group. No adverse reactions were observed from the use of the MGH-based gel.

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