New Publication!
Honey promotes healing after tooth extraction in cats.

We are excited to announce the publication of an article in SAGE Journals titled Intra-socket application of medical-grade honey following tooth extraction attenuates inflammation and enhances healing in cats.
About 70% of domestic cats develop dental issues. Medical Grade Honey (MGH) has antimicrobial and wound-healing properties. The aim of the study was to investigate whether intra-socket application improved healing after tooth extraction. It was hypothesized that administering MGH would lessen swelling, increase the viability of the surgical flap, and speed up healing after tooth extraction.

Read the full article HERE.

Congratulations to the authors: Frans Pleeging, Hilde de Rooster, Bas van Wijk, Frank Wagner and Niels Cremers!

International Animal Day 04.10.2022

International Animal Day! L-Mesitran cares for all species all around the world. During International Animal Day, we want to thank all the amazing people who heal animal wounds together with us: Alex Brander, Frans Pleeging, Hans van Brussel, Hilde de Rooster, Alexandra Peteoaca, Ursula Schneeberger, Helene Widmann, Ydo van der Brug, Cluny Animal Trust, and others.


Meet Senna van Riel, MD in Portugal 03-05.10.2022

L-Mesitran posts 2022

Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (VVC) has few effective treatment options, and finding a permanent cure is challenging. According to recent studies, honey is a promising alternative treatment for VVC that shows long-lasting effects. Meet Senna van Riel, MD during ESGE – European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy Congress to learn more about her research.