L-Mesitran Active Large (5 pieces/pack)


Medical Grade Honey -based plaster for minor injuries

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L-Mesitran Active Large is an antibacterial, hydro-active, low-adherence, medical grade honey (MGH) containing dressing for use on acute and chronic wounds and has an adhesive border. The box contains 5 pieces of plasters. The Active Large is a sterile, semi-permeable wound dressings containing 30% honey, an acrylic polymer gel and water with a polyurethane film backing, with an adhesive border. This is ideal for small wounds and blisters and there is no need for a secondary bandage.

L-Mesitran Active Large stimulates and speeds up the wound healing process by providing a moist healing environment. It is highly absorbent and perfect for small cuts, abrasions, burns or blisters. Since it is waterproof, you can use it during shower or swim. It is perfectly safe for kids as well as adults.



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