Hind leg lacration

An adult male dog was presented to the on-call service with a swollen mass on the medial side of the tarsal area. It was described as a warm and painful mass containing a fistula, and blood and pus were subsequently removed from the mass.

Necrotic facial laceration

Bela, a 5-year-old female Anatolian shepherd was presented in the clinic with a large facial crust of unknown cause. Due to the extent of the crust, delayed primary intention was considered to remove the crust through debridement. Once healthy granulation covered the wound bed, flap surgery was performed.

Gunshot wound in a dog

An adult male dog called Django was presented to the on-call service with a gunshot wound on the right hind limb. The dog was not known to have an owner and therefore had an unknown medical history.

Toe amputation in a dog

A 1.5-year-old dog was presented to the clinic with soft tissue and bone lesions at the lower extremity of the right hind limb, traumatic in origin.

Treating Sun Burns with L-Mesitran

This patient is an 86 year old female with type 2 diabetic. She fell asleep while sitting outside in the sun during summer which resulted in 2nd degree burns on her left thigh and shoulder.

L-Mesitran Tulle for Necrotic Diabetic Foot Ulcer

A 43 year old male patient with diabetes (uncontrolled HbA1c1) was admitted to the hospital. The admission was primarily for pneumonia, but also to control his diabetes and a lower leg ulcer that was present for about 3-4 months.