Skin Trauma at the Left Ankle

A young man,18 years old, had an accident with his motorbike.
A skin trauma occurred at the left ankle. For the first 48 hours, the
the patient received local treatment only with povidone iodine 10%.

The appearance of the traumatic area (seroma and inflammatory
excretion) lead him to the surgeon who decided that a treatment
with L-Mesitran Border was the best course of action to create
a moist wound environment and for the anti-inflammatory ac-

The first two pictures show that the wound was almost com-
pletely debrided within a day. A good comparison indicator in
healing is the smaller wound on the lower left, this wound re-
received no treatment. Throughout the healing period, one can observe that the treated wound debrided, slough was removed and granulation promoted until complete healing. The smaller wound kept its scab throughout.